photo: les tomkins






Track 1 Singer-pianist mix

Track 2 Cocktail pianist mix

Track 3 Just in case (Stuckey) featuring the guitar of Giorgio Serci from

the album Loch Ness see jazz piano & organ page

Track 4 Smile (Chaplin) with vocalist Gina Harkel from her album Playing for Time

Track 5 Night in Brentwood (Lee) with Phil Lee (guitar),Dudu Pukwana (alto sax) and John Marshall (drums

Track 6 Bob's Hop (Stuckey) with Terry Smith (guitar) and Martin Hart (drums)

Track 7 What's your number in heaven? (Stuckey) with Terry Ede (tenor sax)

Track 8 In the cold light of day (Stuckey) with Terry Ede (tenor sax)