Climb your way to become top letter- the tonic

Get yourself heard frequently.

Be heard in long notes.

Be heard last.

Be heard first.

Get yourself heard in low notes so that your harmonics get a chance to ring through. That way you will become the theatre and the other letters the actors.

A sure way up the ladder is to become a root. To do this get a fifth to sound above- at the same time if possible. A fourth below will do just as well but make sure they’re perfect. Don’t be seen dead with a tritone – the devils kiss which will muddy your status.

So far these are brute force methods.

You can also appeal to the tastes of your listeners by surrounding yourself with notes of scales that they are familiar with.

If you want to use scales that may sound exotic  to your listeners keep well established by the brute force methods.

If you want to get ahead in European high society get yourself a dominant 7th and keep it beside you at all times.

If you are very well established you can wear a few chromatic notes as ornamentation. Although they will cause a sensation use them sparingly or people will use the real you.


NOTE: For letter you can also read pitch class or chroma