On the first Sunday of the month I head a trio at the vocals @ vortex series of  open mike sessions (see vocals @ vortexpage and http://www.vortexjazz.co.uk/ ). What a joy to play on that Steinway.

 On the album Loch Ness, a collaboration with guitarist Giorgio Serci, our compositions blend the harmonic flavours of jazz, classical,blue and flamenco. The title piece Loch Ness was inspired by Giorgio's visit while on a tour of Scotland. The album is available from www.cdbaby.com and  http://www.guitarcds.net/  A sample track Just in case is Track 3 on the jukebox

My piano work is also on Gina Harkel's Playing for time with Tony Coe, Geoff Gascoygne and Tony Barnard  http://www.33jazz.com/  Our version of Smile is Track 4 on the juke box.

 In the sixties I used to enjoy lugging  a Hammond C3 up and down perilous staircases to jazz cellars such as Ronnie Scott's Old Place. Nowadays I use a Roland V-combo which has a Hammond simulator and good acoustic bass samples. The Hammond makes a perfect backdrop to the percussive sound of the guitar.  The V-combo also has nice rhodes sound which also makes a nice complement to guitar.

I unearthed some Hammond recordings  from 1967/8 with Dudu Pakwana, Phil Lee, John Marshall. A sample track A night in Brentwood is Track 5 on the jukebox.

The exitement of arrival of Dudu, Chris McGregor and the Blue Notes in London is evoked  at


 The recordings I made withTerry Smith and Martin Hart was after I had got a Leslie speaker and  Track 5 on the juke box Bob's Hop captures my excitement in experimenting with its wafting and turbulent sounds. 

These rare tracks are now on a CD enitiled "Night time is the Right Time" a reference to the all night sessions at Ronnies Old Place. The CD is produced by Cadillac Records and is scheduled for release on 26 July 2010 and is distributed by Harmonia Mundi.

click http://issuu.com/harmoniamundiuk/docs/jazz_world_sales_notes_august_2010

We are marking this release with an evening at the Vortex, Monday 13 September called "Old Place Echos" . The title may need some explanation. Ronnie Scott left a triple legacy, as a saxophonist, as a club owner and as a nurturer of jazz talent in the UK. Because his  first club at 39 Gerard St was bursting at the seams he set up his larger club in Frith Street. Between 1965 and lease-end in 1967  Ronnie turned the  "Old Place" into an arena and meeting ground for young musicians flocking to London from all over Britain and abroad, notably South Africa. "Old Place Echos" marks the first release on CD of archive recordings of Old Place alumni, Dudu Pukwana (alto), Bob Stuckey (Hammond), Phil Lee (guitar), John Marshal (drums), Terry Smith (guitar) and Martin Hart (drums). Dudu is no longer with us but has left a lasting mark on the London scene. His spirit will be evoked by compatriot altoist Ntshuks Bonga. All of the remaining personal will be playing, some 40 years after the original recordings. It is some 35 years since the last Hammond organ, with woodwork to match church pews,  rolled of the production lines. While the Hammond sound can now be imitated by electronics the size of a sandwich, this is a relatively rare oppourtunity to meet the real thing.

The music will start at 8pm and the entrance is £10. The Vortex www.vortexjazz.co.uk is at 11 Gillet Street, Dalston, London N16 8AZ tel 020 7254 4097