Scales, Modes and Chords by Key Signature for Piano

 I put together this book to demystify the concept of modes. It is available from and . Quoting from the blurb:-Understanding key signatures is vital for learning pieces, sight reading, composing and improvising in jazz and classical styles. Each key signature is presented as a two page spread clearly displaying its particular scales, modes and chords, enabling you to see at a glance how all the piecesof the jigwaw puzzle fit together. You can use this book for reference or a quick overview yet if studied in detail it will fulfil a large part of the scale requirements for exams in Classical or Jazz Piano and Music Theory to Grade V.

Musical intervals, the building blocks of scales, are explained in detail. Readers are trained to sing or whistle the material so that it becomes part of their awareness and experience. A rich a varied programmeof piano technique development is suggested while a historical review traces the emmergence of minor and minor scales from the family of modes. The influence of Debussy and the growing appreciation of regional music has led to a renewed interest in the more neglected family members. This has been heightened by the use of modes in jazz improvisation.

I'm now thinking about a second edition which I want to generalise to more instruments and include explanation of all the varieties of chords and scales. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

For the book cover I did this painting Miles and the angels which is an adaptation of a panel by Hans Memlinc c.1430-1494 which is in the Koninklijk Museum, Antwerp. The angels are probably playing in the Dorain mode.